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Genres I Play

I specialize in live music entertainment for a variety of events and parties. One reason I’m able to perform for a wide range of event types is that I’ve mastered an array of material in a spectrum of musical styles. Whether you want me to provide my own suggested playlist, or you have your own recommendations.

This is one of my most popular and frequently requested performance types. My extensive experience performing live at events allows me to cater this style for a diverse array of audience types and sizes. Additionally, I am constantly adding more music to my repertoire and always consult with my clients to make sure they’re happy with my song choices.

When a client wants me to play some music for the cocktail time, that’s exactly what they get. With incredible showmanship, I am able to bring your event to the next level. This musical style has been featured in some of my top performances, and is quite popular among my clients. Get in touch for more information.

As a professional Weddings & Events Musician, I make sure to offer my clients a wide range of musical services to suit their event and sound styles they’re sure to love. This genre is always a hit and could be exactly what you need to make sure your event is one to never forget. Give me a call and schedule a consultation to see if this style suits you and your upcoming event.

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